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Jill Ciccone Pike,artist
Portraits, Pets,
Wildlife, Landscapes
Ciccone Art
Capture your memories on canvas, and create a family heirloom from your photos.
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'Eagle Scout Joseph' - 20 x 16 oil
'Merritt' - 20 x 16 oil
'Brett' - 20 x 16 oil
'Trick or Treat' (Meghan and Jessica) - 16 x 20 oil
'Zach at the Piano' - 20 x 16 oil
"The Smithwick Boys" - 24 x 36 oil
             Tips for Photographing Pets and Children:

  • Shoot photos at eye level.
  • Shoot photos outdoors in natural light.  A slightly overcast day is ideal.
  • Do not use flash, which can cause red-eye and distort colors and shadows, unless you are photographing a pet with a black coat.
  • Take several facial shots with a zoom lens, three-quarter views, slightly angled poses and frontal poses.
  • It's OK to have someone hold your pet or child, if needed. They can be painted out.

   The better your photos, the better the finished product.
Trey - 12 x 9 oil
Serriah and Brett - 20 x 16 oil